I have worked as a lawyer with people going through divorce since 1988. Prior to that, I worked with young children, and also taught child developmental psychology. The people --- the spouses, the mothers, fathers, and children who are going through a family transition are the reason I work in this field.

I believe that one of the most important decisions that a person makes when they are going through a divorce or trying to resolve legal matters is whom they hire as their lawyer. I strive to give my clients personal, individualized support.

Divorce research tells us that approximately 30% of spouses emerge from the divorce transition into lives that yield greater opportunities than their pre-divorce lives. This is difficult to remember as you are going through the legal process of divorce and related issues. I believe that part of my role is to support you through your divorce in a manner that best supports you through this difficult family transition.

Although none of us contemplate divorce on our wedding day, divorce is common in our culture. Many of the experiences we have as we go through divorce, many of the emotions we feel, are a normal part of the divorce process.

When you are choosing a lawyer, there are some important things to consider.

  • Do you feel comfortable with your lawyer?
  • Do you think that he or she listens to you and understands you?
  • Has your lawyer explained the different ways and the different process that are available to you proceeding with your divorce?
  • Has you lawyer explained the different options of:
    - You and your spouse negotiating between yourselves
    - Mediation
    - Collaborative practice
    - Lawyer negotiations including a court resolution if the lawyer negotiations do not settle all matters
  • Do you understand the potential costs of each of these options?
  • Has the lawyer explained the basics of family law to you as it relates to your particular facts?
  • Does your lawyer know what is most important to you in reaching an agreement with your spouse?