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When I began working in the collaborative practice model, I was intrigued by the fact that, although many family lawyers complained that the family law system was not effective, they quickly shrugged off the idea of collaborative practice as not being a viable means of dispute resolution. I began pondering, "What is it about the legal profession that makes it difficult to embrace change?" This was the seed that led me to write the book, Collaborative Practice, Deepening the Dialogue. This is a book written for professionals who want to learn more about collaborative practice. It is a primer for collaborative lawyers. The book has chapters on divorce coaching and on the role of the child specialist written by Dr. Susan Gamache, as well as a chapter on the role of the financial specialist written by Doreen Gardner Brown. It was nominated for the ACLEA Best Publication Award. Originally published by CLE, British Columbia, it has been a CLE best seller.

Stu Webb, the founder of collaborative law, says: "Nancy has provided the reader with a clear and detailed picture of collaborative law full of anecdotes, humour, poetry, a discussion of our critics, and richly synthesized relevant research…Her dedication and obvious skill shines out of every chapter of this book."

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