I am available for the following:

Keynote and motivational speaker (some of my previous addresses can be read here.

  • Advanced collaborative training
  • Mediation training.
  • Facilitating collaborative retreats and collaborative group board meetings.

I have taught interdisciplinary collaborative practice basic trainings for over ten years. These have had wonderful reviews by participants, and won the ACLEA Best Programming award in 2001. I was a member of the group that developed the IACP Basic Training curriculum. To see a list of prior collaborative trainings I have given. To see a list of prior conferences and workshops I have presented.

For the most part, I now limit my training to advanced collaborative trainings and mediation training. I enjoy customizing trainings for the needs of specific groups. I am excited about the current explosion of knowledge in neuroscience, and have dedicated my time to learning as much as I can about neuroscience and decision making so that I can incorporate this knowledge into advanced training for both mediators and collaborative professionals.

What past participants have said about trainings I have given:

Excellent, well-prepared, innovative and have the ability to field the hard questions–model the model.

Great combination of didactic, experiential.

A lively and engaging presenter, Nancy did a great job keeping the program exciting and well-paced. Great program, wonderful presenter.

This is the best training of any kind I have ever had.

For information about available dates and cost of trainings or as a speaker, contact:
Nancy Cameron

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